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Environmentally-Responsible Tree Service in the Black Hills

We specialize in tree removal, tree & hedge trimming, tree planting, logging, hazardous fuel reduction, brush cleanup, property cleanup and lawn services.

Licensed and Insured

We have over 30 years experience in logging, thinning, brush piling and clearing.

Our Services

Tree Removal

We remove trees quickly and safely, making your property more beautiful and reducing hazardous fire fuel. We have 30 years experience in removing trees around structures and powerlines, controlling where the trees fall. Our tree removal includes complete cleanup of all debris.

Tree & Hedge Trimming

Tree & hedge trimming gives you more curb appeal. We trim dead or nuisance branches around structures and power lines. Want to add some pizzaz to your property? We can trim trees & hedges into fun shapes and formations.

Tree Planting

With a name like “Earth First” we believe sustainability is so important. Let us plant new trees to replace lost or dead ones. If you are building a new home or just want to add value to your current home, we can help place new trees, shrubs and other greenery.


Need to clear a large area of forest? We can log 1 to 1,000 acres for roads, homes and lots. Logging is also important to prevent forest fires by removing hazardous fuel and thinning.

Hazardous Fuel Reduction

Trees that are dead, busted off, bent over, uprooted, bugged or snapped off can be hazardous fuel for forest fires. We remove hazards and dispose of them through controlled burns or brush piles, always within state guidelines. We can also work with state assistance programs. 

Brush Cleanup

Dead branches on the ground from tree removal and storms are unsightly. Let us do brush cleanup on your property to enhance the beauty and safety. We can remove the brush completely or do a controlled burn to dispose of the unwanted brush.

Property Cleanup

Do you have unwanted stuff on your property that needs to be removed? We can take away items like old cars and lumber – almost anything on your property that you no longer want to look at.

Lawn Services

We do general lawn services including mowing, weed-eating and hedge trimming. Let us give your property curb appeal with a freshly manicured lawn. 


Serving the Black Hills of South Dakota including Belle Fourche, Spearfish, Lead, Deadwood, Rapid City, Sturgis, Hill City and surrounding areas.